Initial interview and our legal fees

The first meeting

Before the first interview, you should collect important documents and note down questions and ambiguities.
Think about how you can describe your personal situation to me.
Bring all the necessary documents with you.
The first interview includes:
  • Mandate and granting of power of attorney
  • First assessment of the opportunities and risks of the case
  • Adding files resp. File inspection request
  • Show the next steps and what you can do yourself
  • Costs for legal efforts, court and other fees
  • Explanations for the billing of services rendered


Legal fees:

I charge the lawyer’s fee according to the time spent. When taking on your mandate, I will inform you about the amount of my hourly rate and the basis of invoicing.
I usually ask for an advance payment. When determining the amount of the advance payment and the hourly rate, I take into account your financial circumstances, the amount in dispute, the importance of the mandate and the associated responsibility, special technical and foreign language skills and, in particular, the difficulties of your case.
As a guide, my hourly rate is usually between
CHF 220.00 and 350.00. In addition, there are expenses and VAT.
In the event of financial bottlenecks, I will check your right to free legal aid. The prerequisite for a successful application is your cooperation in providing
the necessary documents about your financial circumstances.