Swiss Immigration Lawyer in Geneva Switzerland: (Vernier Lancy Meyrin Carouge Onex) Attorney for corporate immigration & residence permits b / c

Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries in the world. But immigration regulations are complex and can vary from canton to canton.

As an immigration expert who knows the applicable regulations inside out, I can work with you to find the right solution to your problem. This is because Swiss immigration law is constantly changing through legislation and practice. I will help you to proceed in a pro-active and appropriate manner, especially with regard to issues pertaining to permits and employment law.

I can be of assistance with the following topics:

Legal advice on immigration and migration law;
Represent individuals from EU/EFTA and non-EU countries
Application, issuance and revocation of residence permits;

Difficulties with the issuance of residence permits
(B permit) and settlement permit (C permit);

Regulation of family reunification;
Separation, divorce and consequences for the residence permit;
Appeal against nagative decisions to the migration authorities;
Corporate immigration into Switzerland;
Naturalization applications, facilitated naturalizations with the State Secretariat for Migration, etc.

. . .  short-term permit (L permit), residence permit (B permit), settlement permit (C permit), residence permit with gainful employment (Ci permit), cross-border permit (G permit), revocation / expiry of a permanent residence permit ( Niederlassungsbewilligung C ), etc.