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A whopping 400,000 individuals with foreign nationality live in the canton of Zurich. 275,000 of them are nationals of an EU/EFTA state. 125,000 are so-called third-country nationals (not EU/EFTA citizens);

The Migration Office of the Canton of Zurich is in charge of granting, extending or withdrawing (revoking) residence permits of foreigners living in the Canton of Zurich. It also has the task of supporting the economic, social and educational integration of foreigners living in the Canton in order to promote and ensure equal opportunities for all its inhabitants.

Do you need legal advice for your settlement permit? I will be happy to assist you. As a lawyer for migration law in Zurich Switzerland, it is therefore worthwhile in any case to consult us when it comes to the denial of residence or settlement permits without any apparent reason.

Our law firm in Zurich has extensive expertise in the field of migration law as well as in matters relating to the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (FMPA), which applies to EU citizens and nationals of EFTA countries. Our law firm in Zurich is also the right contact in this area. Make an appointment for:

EU/EFTA permits, L permits (short stay), B permits (annual stay), C permits (settlement)
Types of non-EU/EFTA permits and identity cards
Non-EU/EFTA permit, L (short-term residence permit), B (annual residence permit), C (permanent residence permit)

Our foreign law specialists also assist and advise companies in Switzerland that need to obtain and renew Swiss work permits for their foreign employees.