Appeal against the annulment of a simplified (facilitated) naturalization

According to Art. 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, everyone has the right to a nationality. Nationality cannot be arbitrarily revoked.

Declaration of nullity of a naturalization and revocation of Swiss citizenship. According to Art. 36 of the Federal Act on the Acquisition and Loss of Swiss Citizenship (Citizenship Act, BüG; SR 141.0), a naturalization can be declared null and void up to eight years after naturalization has taken place. The procedure for the annulment of naturalization is always initiated when the SEM is notified of sufficient evidence of suspicion. It is directed against all naturalized or re-naturalized persons residing in Switzerland or abroad.

The annulment of naturalization can be appealed before the Federal Administrative Court within thirty days of the date of notification of the decision.


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