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In the canton of Basle-Country, the Office for Migration and Citizenship (AFMB) is the cantonal point of contact for all legal matters relating to the entry and residence of foreign persons who have their place of residence in the canton of Basle-Country, who wish to transfer their place of residence there, or who wish to have a temporary stay there.
In cooperation with the cantonal labor market authority and the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), the requirements for issuing and extending permits are checked and the necessary identification documents are issued.
Our law firm serves domestic and foreign clients within the framework of the legal provisions. If you have any questions, we will advise you competently and discreetly in all matters relating to immigration law.
Do you need legal advice for your settlement permit? We will assist you in obtaining entry, residence and settlement permits as well as in visa or family reunification procedures.
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Visitor visa and visa extensions
Residence permit for cohabiting partners
Residence permit for pensioners from non-EU/EFTA countries
Residence permit for pupils/students from non-EU/EFTA countries
The Citizenship Department carries out all preliminary investigations in the naturalization of foreign citizens and prepares, together with the Petition Commission, the decisions of the Cantonal Council.
In connection with the naturalization of Swiss citizens in the canton, it issues the cantonal permit for naturalization in the municipality; based on this, the citizens’ municipality can hold the naturalization meeting. Once the citizens’ commune has granted citizenship to the candidates, the Citizenship Department prepares the decision of the Government Council on the granting of cantonal citizenship and submits it for decision.
In the case of facilitated naturalization (naturalization of foreign spouses of Swiss nationals and of children of a Swiss parent who do not yet have Swiss citizenship), the Citizenship Department makes the necessary preliminary clarifications for the attention of the federal government, which decides on naturalization.
EU/EFTA permits, L permits (short stay), B permits (annual stay), C permits (settlement), Issuance of a settlement permit, Maintenance of the permanent residence permit
Types of non-EU/EFTA permits and identity cards
Non-EU/EFTA permit, L (short-term residence permit), B (annual residence permit), C (permanent residence permit) Visa Extension…

Our foreign law specialists also assist and advise companies in Switzerland that need to obtain and renew Swiss work permits for their foreign employees.

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