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At the immigration office of the canton of thurgau, the entry and residence department processes applications for the granting or extension of residence and settlement permits for foreign nationals.
This also includes applications for: Family reunification, Visitor visas for visitors from abroad, Return visas for persons who are temporarily not in possession of their residence permit.
Maintenance of residence permit C:
A stay abroad is possible for up to six months without a permit. If a foreign person remains abroad for more than six months, the permit under aliens law expires by operation of law, regardless of the reason for the stay abroad.
Issue of a settlement permit:
The settlement permit can be granted if a foreign person has resided in Switzerland for at least ten years with a short-term residence permit or a residence permit and has been in possession of a residence permit for the last five years without interruption, there are no grounds for revocation and the integration criteria are met. In terms of language, the foreign person must have at least the reference level A2 orally and A1 in writing, which must be proven by means of a recognized language certificate or a fide language certificate.
Our law firm serves domestic and foreign clients within the framework of the legal provisions. If you have any questions, we will advise you competently and discreetly in all matters relating to immigration law.
Do you need legal advice for your settlement permit? We will assist you in obtaining entry, residence and settlement permits as well as in visa or family reunification procedures.
Other services:
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Residence permit for cohabiting partners
Residence permit for pensioners from non-EU/EFTA countries
Residence permit for pupils/students from non-EU/EFTA countries
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Our foreign law specialists also assist and advise companies in Switzerland that need to obtain and renew Swiss work permits for their foreign employees.

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