Consulting of companies settling in Switzerland / Corporate Immigration Services

Corporate Immigration Services & Employment and work permits for foreign workers in Switzerland

The employment of a foreign worker with an employer in Switzerland is subject to authorization. In principle, the employer must submit the application to obtain the work permit to the relevant cantonal authority in Switzerland.

For non-EU/EFTA citizens, an entry visa is also necessary, depending on the case and the duration of the employment. This can only be issued once the necessary permit has been obtained from the corresponding cantonal authority.

Legal advice and representation:

We render advice on all questions regarding migration law, residence permit, permanent residence permit – in all matters of Swiss immigration law and laws governing foreign nationals in Switzerland.

In particular, we apply for and perform the following legal services for you:

Legal advice in the law on foreigners, migration law;
Application for, granting and revocation of permits for foreigners;
Application for residence permits for foreign citizens in Switzerland;
Problems with the granting of residence permits;
Regulation of family reunification;
Separation, divorce and consequences for the residence permit;
Appeals, statements, letters to the migration authorities
Naturalization applications, facilitated naturalizations with the State Secretariat for Migration, etc.